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30 Bookings per month. Guaranteed.




We will send you at least 30 bookings per month per boat, even in low season.

Allow us to grow your business without risks

We generate 30-50 bookings

PER MONTH ON EACH BOAT (even in low season), and we are looking for availability in your boats so that we can send you all these bookings.


Cruiser Boats/Yachts between 25-50ft.

Must have bareboat charter insurance including liability (we do everything by the book)


Boat must be driven by a Certified Captain (we never allow our clients to drive themselves)


Boat must be available from 9am to midnight, ready to go any day whenever our clients need it.


Boat must be perfectly clean before each boat trip for our clients


Here's what we are looking for:


30-50 bookings per month sounds too good to be true. How is this even possible?

It's actually pretty simple:

  • We manage 3 local Boat Clubs with hundreds of members each, securing 30-50 bookings per boat per month for our partners.

  • We invest a lot in strategic marketing, advertising, and our high-technology booking platform, which streamlines reservations and ensures a steady flow of customers for your boat charter.


Partner with us to benefit from our cutting-edge technology and watch your business grow.


Fill your calendar

Stop anxiously waiting for bookings to arrive. We will fill your boat faster and more efficiently than anyone ever has. Join us and say goodbye to low utilization rates.


Stop your marketing & advertising expenses

Save your time, effort and money. Experience the power of Fill My Charter's marketing and booking expertise. Simplify your life and fill your charter with ease.


Get paid immediately

Forget the pain of collecting money from every client and worrying about credit card fees. Keep it simple: your earnings automatically get transferred to your bank account every day (after you provide charter services to our clients).


Say goodbye to seasonality

With Fill My Charter every month is peak season. Why settle for low utilization rates when you can immediately solve this? Unlock the true potential of your boat.


Get high-quality clients

You work hard to provide a high-quality boat charter experience, so you deserve to be rewarded for it. Get prime and recurring clients from Boat Clubs who appreciate the quality of your services.


Charter Smarter

Stop spending time with potential clients by answering the same questions over and over again through Instagram, Whatsapp, text and email. Instead just focus on the sea; the clients will arrive automatically.


We'll do the bookings;

you'll do your charters

Maximize your Boat's business potential


Expert Boat Club Booking System

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you do your boat business?


We use cutting-edge algorithms to match your boat charter with the best possible clients from 3 different Boat Clubs.


You'll be able to maximize your profits and focus to offer an exceptional experience to your new clients. Get ready to take your boat charter business to the next level!

Get Started
Tell Us About Your Boats
Give us a brief description of your boats and their location. Upload some photos and tell us when we can start sending you bookings.
Accept Your Offer
Get a payment offer, read the terms, learn our advantages and make the most of our partnership. No fine print.
Verification Process
Schedule inspection and documentation of boat's condition and features for accuracy. We will also review your operation.
Get Clients and Get Paid!
Take good care of your new clients, follow the rules and get good reviews. Receive your payment every day and prepare to get even more clients from us!
Join the Charter Companies who trust us to Fill their Charters
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Get Rewarded for Your Exceptional Service
MCC15 (1).png

Our Boat Club clients expect a great service on a great boat. They rate every boat and their overall experience after each trip. Getting great reviews not only helps you build a positive reputation within the Club, but also enables you to get more bookings from us. It's a simple system: just follow our rules and get great reviews from our clients to see your bank account grow.



  • How can Fill My Charter get me 30 bookings per month?
    We manage 3 local Boat Clubs with hundreds of members each, which ensures a steady stream of bookings for you. We also invest heavily in strategic marketing, advertising, and a high-technology booking platform to streamline reservations and maintain a constant flow of customers for your boat charter.
  • How do I get paid for the bookings?
    After you provide charter services to our clients, your earnings will automatically be transferred to your bank account every day. There is no need to collect money from individual clients or worry about credit card fees.
  • What are the requirements for my boat to be eligible for Fill My Charter?
    Your boat must meet the following criteria: Cruiser Boat/Yacht between 25-50ft. Have bareboat charter insurance including liability. Be driven by a Certified Captain. Be available from 9 am to midnight, any day of the week. Be perfectly clean before each boat trip for our clients.
  • How do I get started with Fill My Charter?
    To get started, click on the GET STARTED button, provide a brief description of your boats, their location, your name, email, etc. Next, accept your payment offer, read the terms, and learn about the benefits of partnering with us. Finally, complete the verification process and start receiving clients and daily payments.
  • Are there any fees for joining Fill My Charter?
    Absolutely not! There are no fees for joining Fill My Charter. We operate on a commission-based model, which means we only make money when you do. Our payment offer will detail the commission structure.
  • How does the verification process work?
    After accepting our offer, you'll schedule an inspection and documentation of your boat's condition and features for accuracy. We will also review your operation to ensure it meets our standards.
  • How do I maintain a good reputation and get more bookings?
    Provide exceptional service to our clients and follow our rules to get positive reviews from Boat Club members. A high rating helps you build a strong reputation within the Club and enables you to receive more bookings from us.
  • How does Fill My Charter ensure high-quality clients?
    We manage 3 local Boat Clubs, whose members are screened and known for their appreciation of quality services. These prime and recurring clients expect great service on a great boat. As long as you provide an exceptional experience, you will continue to attract high-quality clients.
  • How does Fill My Charter help eliminate seasonality?
    With our extensive network of Boat Club members, strategic marketing, and advertising efforts, we ensure a consistent flow of bookings throughout the year, making every month feel like peak season.
  • Do I need to invest in marketing or advertising when partnering with Fill My Charter?
    No, you don't need to invest in marketing or advertising. Fill My Charter handles all marketing, advertising, and client acquisition efforts, saving you time, effort, and money. Our strategic marketing approach ensures a steady flow of clients, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional charter experiences.
  • What if I encounter issues with a client booked through Fill My Charter?
    If you face any issues with a client booked through our platform, please contact our support team immediately. We are committed to ensuring a smooth experience for both our partners and clients and will assist you in resolving any issues that may arise.
  • Can I join Fill My Charter if my boat is not located in Miami?
    Currently, Fill My Charter is only available in the Miami area. However, we are continuously expanding our reach to other areas. If your boat is not located in Miami, please feel free to contact us and express your interest. We will notify you when we expand our services to your location.
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